Friday, July 31, 2009

Len kali tanye betol-betol ar!!

keter lynna msok ikot pntu depan u die.

pak guard : adek student ke?
lynna : ha'ah pakcik.jumpe lec jap.
aku : xde ar.saye cousindie.tmn je.saye bkn student cni.
(menipu sket)

pak guard : oke2.adek meh ic.
(sambil tunjuk aku)

aku bg ic ngn sng ati.

time nak amek ic..

pak guard :tol ke adek bkn student??
aku : ha'ah.saye bkn student.nape incik?
pak guard : adek jgn tipu.adek student arau kan?nape x ngaku student?malu ke?
aku : oh,saye ingt student cni je kne ngaku student.saye xtaw pon cwgn nye student pon kne ngaku gak.maaf la pakcik.saye tataw.
paak guard : xkre la adek student arau ke.melaka ke,tp ttp student kn?kne la ngaku.nape xnak ngaku lak?

aku start panas still besaba dgn hrpn pak guard ne kasi can.

pak guard tulis2..

pak guard : adek da wat slh ne.sbb x ngaku student.kan saye da tnye td.susa sgt ke nk ngaku?
aku : masalah nye saye tataw lak cwgn nye student pon kne ngaku.
(muke da ketat)

pak guard tulis2 ag..sambil bebel2 marah aku.

pak guard : ne kalu lapo kat arau leh kne dismiss tau!!
aku : (diam tahan nk maki owg tuwe ne)
pakguard : nah!! (1 ketas kale putih die bg)

aku masok keter lynna.start kutokpak guard tu.n tnjuk kat lynna bende tu..(aku tol2 xtaw pe ketas putih tu)

lynna : weyh!!ne saman le!
aku : demmit!!sialan nye pakguard!!!*%(*&%%g!#?<]-a...(censored)

salah aku ke?aku siyes tataw yg student cawangan pon kne ngaku student u 2 gak.even pak guard sia*lan tu pon x mention pape or tnye if aku ne student cwgn,die nak mrh aku sal x ngaku student tu nape?klu aku taw,xde ar aku buduh sgt x ngaku.
yg paling akux tahan,aku da mintak maap da.ngn penoh keikhlasan aku,tp pak guard sia*lan tu still nk tinggi sore.helo pakcik,x tgk tv ke?iklan 'BUDI BAHASA BUDAYA KITA' tu da berjuta2 kali tyg,xkan x ingat kot??
okai,aku tau salah aku sbb berpakain sgt sempoi nk masok u skang kn time cuti,so pe big deal ny?plus,aku di SAMAN sbb x ngaku student.WTF??len kli gtau awal2 ler pakcik~
aku bukan x hormat dorg yg bkerje lambidang ne,tp sbb perangai2 taikne la wat aku nympah sgt.aku ingt kt u aku je.rupe2nye..hampeh!aku x slh kan dorgwt tanggungjwb dorg,tp tlg r berbudi bahasa sket.bukan kne byr pon!aku ingt ckgu skolah dlu slalu pesan.."yg muda di sayangi,yg tua di hormati" tp klu cam ne ar,mmg aku x leh nak hormat r.
wahai pak guard sia*lan,len kali tny tol2 k..jgn pastu sng2 je nak slh kan owg len.aku pon x hingin nak tipu ko ar pak guard sia*lan.
pergh..aku rase cam nk tombok laju2 je pak guard sia*lan tu ble mengenangkan dia sebaya ayah aku je,tros x jd.and,aku da dapat pon saman tu.sape kne bayar??aku jugak...
p/s:jana xpnh kne saman kat arau,so agak ........... ble kene saman kat u induk lak!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my heart leaping to my throat,
getting caught,

the path that awaits me
suddenly seems like a pilgrimage,
one foot,
next foot,

i see you
(i see her)
you smile
i smile
(she leaves)
you ask how i am
i reply that i am fine
(i lie)
(eventhough my heart has just crept up into my mouth n jumping up n downon my tounge like an olympic diver waiting to hitthe water)

i want you to know that i m*ss you
let you know that i am regreting my whole life right now
cause letting you go
i want you to know that
(i am incomplete)
my body hurts
my soul bleed.

i ask how you are
(hoping against all hope that you will tell me what i want to hear)
you reply
my eyes attempt to strip you down toyor soul
(searching for what i once knew so well)
they get lost.
(but find their way back to reality)
my heart leaps off the end of my tounge
wanting you to see how much i've regret
for the decision that ive made before.

(she calls you)
you hastily say good bye
(as you trot over to her)
my vulnerable, fallen heart.
(not even pausing long enough to scrape it off the bottom of your shoe,like a discarded pieceof gum)
she wraps her arms around your hip

people pass,as if i dun exist
(i want to cry,scream,shout)
i want someone to find my heart,
bring it back,
piece it together.
i turn away
hoping that one day it won't hurt
(as much)
hoping that i will again be able to call you
and have you come over to me
be ableto have a wonderful breakfast together
be able to talk about three hours.

i walk away,
knowing myheart will noy follow.

p/s: i am happy if you are happy :) saye SYAZANA BT MOHD RAZALI yg selalu buat silap.

Monday, July 27, 2009

the annoying broadband

the junkfood

the gadgets yg run out of battry

peneman2 setia di malam hari nan sepi..mate masih bersengkang,kerna suda terlebey tdo siang..


aku da merepek meraban td,suddenly terlupe nak lost sume.
wat penat aku tulis ngn penoh kekreatifan aku di malam yg hening ne.skati je ley lupe nak save.
ye.memang bengong.
malam makhluk-makhluk tuhan.jgn jd bengong mcm aku.nity nite :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

.rumahku syurgaku.


theTHIRD and theELDEST




aku terAMAT suke dok kat umah.terAMAT SANGAT suke berada di rumah.

umah is a wonderful place to stay.
umah is the greatest place to go.
umah is a place where i cn meet the ppl i love the most.

ye,,umah is the doubt.

di bwh ialah list actvity jana bile berade di umah:)
  1. menolong mak
  2. menolong ayah
  3. mengaco adeq2 ku
  4. menyebok
  5. memasak kopok (ayh's fav) bile di suroh
  6. mengemas umah
  7. menolong menambah sepah and semak
  8. mengemas bilik sendiri
  9. memasak !!
  10. melepak tnpe wat pape
  11. meng'over dose kan tdo
  12. mengQADA tdo
  13. menjge adeq kcik ku
  14. membgn kan dri awal tok wat brkfst
  15. menonton tv smpi nk meletop
  16. memastikan umah sentiase bersih and kemas
  17. melawan (sket) ckpmak and ayh
  18. mengulang kaji pelajaran

* bertulisan merah adalah tipu semate mate *

Saturday, July 25, 2009


alangkah bgos nyer klu mase tu leh di patah-balik-kan. so any things yg kte rase2 regret at the first place, leh di baiki.and now i am hoping that DORAEMON really exist.sigh.time goes by,tp still xleh nk capture all the things that happened around me.and again,hoping that DORAEMON really exist.

incikDORAEMON!! di mane anda wahai incik DORAEMON..

1 bende yg ingin di pinjam dr DORAEMON : pintu sesuka hati
1 harapan yg gile : pusing mase balek
1 kenyataan yg pasti : xkan leh pusing mase

aku xmo jd cam nobita,yg owez mntk pertolongan DORAEMON.yg selalu mnyusahkan sahabat ny, si DORAEMON. selalu trima ngn ati yg redha tok di buli.tak nak.tak nak.tak nak.i am trying not to be like him.just kali ne,tol2 trase amat bertuah jike dpt jmpe DORAEMON and asked him a favour.once.only this time.cause i thought i need to perbetulkan something tonite.yes,i repeat its tonite.

owh DORAEMON my saviour,nak pnjam pintu sesuka ati incik!

p/s :jana is currently regreting about, she didn't really know what she writes here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

one of the subject

here he comes.with green kemeja,specky,big tummy and quite short.he lookss like any typical marketing lecturer with his tummy, i thought.1 pengakuan,marketing lecturer slalu ny berbig is neither a compliment,nor an insult.tak salah kan?plus, is there any policies being stated that lecture xleh ber....... :)

ok,back to the story.die masok kls with one i think really PANAS statement..which is

" kamu semua really xnmpak mcm a bachelor students"

pergh..ini suda menghiris giwa kami sume at that time.and,all of us just sit silently,waiting for the next words that will come out from him.

"i advised you,just drop this paper"
hello?adakah ini yg patut kami dengar for the first class?oh,it would be disaster for us having a lecturer like him,my first impression of him.

but,deep in my heart, i do adore this lecturer.the way he talk,speak out his objection towards politics,and others really attract listen to him for sure.hey,xkn lah attract in other way lak.c'mon le..he is my issue in marketing's lecturer with 34 ex girl (he told as so :) )

aku ske dengar his point of first, aku sendiri xtau yg aku akn tertarik tok mendengar after a harsh comment from him about our class.swear,he kinda cute.for a man at his age :)

owh gosh..die sgt sporting.2 hours in his class berlalu cenggitu aja (usually,sleepy will distruct my attention in any 2hours class,i admit) tp, this lecturer really has something.something extaordinary.something that cannot be explained.

yeah,i cant wait for the next eager to listen to him.the lecturer who teach one of my subject, really have something in him.something that attract me.and,thisis the good and positive sign to aku try to excell in his paper.hopefully.. *wink*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

kalau boleh..

kalau boleh,
aku nak pusing mase,
tak nak buat byk dose,
nak kurangkan mengata,
sebab idop ni sementara..

kalau boleh,
aku nak pusing masa,
mintak maaf kat dia,
sebab da buat dia trasa,
dlm perbuatan dan kata,
kerna aku tau dia merana..

kalau boleh,
aku nak jd cam dulu,
bile aku terkelu,
die turut terkedu,
dia sentiasa tahu,
peyg wat pale otak ku 'berbulu'..

kalau boleh,
aku nak dia balik,
sgle slh ku nak aku tarik,
kerna aku da serik,
bile sume bende jd tak menarik,
lepas die pergi,tak balik2..

aku nak die tahu,
aku trase amat malu,
dengan salah kudi masa lalu,
ku harap dia tahu,
betapa dirinya aku mahu..

p/s : bende ne aku tulis time im having such a big prob with one of my besties.tnpe aku sedar, perbuatan aku sebenarnya da byk wat owg trase n saket, i jz want to let them know betape aku kdg2 tak sedar ygi do hurt them.SORRY..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

" rela-SUX-ship"

ngape aku x commit in any relationship?
  • sbb aku pk lom sedia ag~
  • sbb,in a meantime,xde owg nak kt aku ;p *wink*

ngape aku still lom sedia to commit in any relationship?

  • cz im damn freaking out bout my past relationship.

nape ngn my past relationship?

  • cz it doesn't go smoothly..x spt yg dirancang :(

ngape x spt yg dirancang?

  • sbb,anything had been writen out by HIM.kte merancang,TUHAN menentukan~

am i dissappointed with all diz fu*ckin shit-unsuccessful-relationship?

  • absolutely i am!worst,ble owg yg berkaitan misjudge tndakan aku (m'breakin up).btw, any decision dat being made is hurting me too!and finally,ble aku bit pissed off sal bende ne,i'll keep remind myself dat evrything happen for a reason.

bpe lame akn aku totally 'recovered' and sedia tok commit in any relationship?

  • tah?i didn't plan anything..
  • ble ade owg yg nk aku tol2 kot ;p *wink*

in a meantime..wut da exact word (for me) for me to describerelationship?

  • rela-SUX-ship definitely!! \(^-^)/

Thursday, July 9, 2009


kami kehilangan sorg lg ahli keluarga..after 2 bln pemergian nenek ton, mak bibik (juge nenek bg kami) lak menyusul..

recently, terlalu byk org yg aku syg pergi menghadap ILAHI. pemergiaan dorg affect me teribly. arwah paah (14mei88-09sept08) nenek limah,nenek ton (12may09) and now mak bibik (08july09) semoga TUHAN merahmati mereka di alam sana.

after pemergian mereka, kami, manusia2 yg terdekat baru akn rase kehilangan.kehilangan yg x mungkin berganti..and aku start pk,nape akn bru kte appreciate org yg da pon pergi meninggalkan kite.nape time mereka ade, kite lgsg tataw tok menghargai pengobanan,m'spendkan mase ngn mereka?terlalu bz kah kte??

susa sgt kah tok kte menghargai anyone or anything yg kte ade?berhaarge sgt kah mase 30mnt yg kte leh spend tok mereka?sbb, after pemergian mereka, kte tade even 3saat tok bersame mereka..

kte jd manusia mmg cm2..taw menghargai once we've already lost it.betape rugi nye,aku hrp akn berjaya tok menghargai org2 di sekeliling..sbb,hidop ne singkat,aku tataw ble exact time owg2 yg aku syg akn pergi.dan,aku xnk menyesal setelah kehilangan mereka..

al-fatihah tok mereka yg dah pergi menghadap Illahi and penah menyinari kehidupan ku..

Friday, July 3, 2009

.firstPOST. last,berjaye gak ku nak ade blog sndri (cubaan dr kul 8am till 10am.huh) gile lame an..??!!ku pon tataw nape byk sgt 'ranjau n dogaan' tok ku set up diz account of mine. ohlalala~ technology2..

eh,cop2..sorry for not introducing maself.tbe2 mau melalut je kn?ape ny owg ler..*wink*okay,nothing much to say act..basically,diz blog was set up juz ku nak share seCOET,seKELUMIT,seBESARKUMAN,se...waktu dgn nye(malas taip da=P) pandangan ku terhadap pe yg berlaku around me,coretan nukilan ku *kunun seni abes la* n comment sal life is juza medium for me.btw, jgn yg bakal tercoret kat cni adelah based on KANAK-KANAK view,which is takan affect pape secare zahir and batin=)

hopefully,sesape yg terbump into diz blog,sudi meluangkan mase2 anda membace,mengoment or pape aje..THANX A LOT!!! do keep on reading yah!!


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